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Welcome to Maia Psychology Centre

Established in 2011, Maia Psychology Centre (MPC) is based in Mosta and is directed by Veronica Ellul Federici (Clinical & Community Psychologist) and Fleur Mifsud Bons (Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist), both warranted in accordance with the Psychology Profession Act. The public is informed that no person can hold him/herself to be a Psychologist, without possession of a warrant issued by the Malta Psychology Profession Board. A list of warranted psychologists can be found through the Board’s website.
Our team at Maia Psychology Centre offers a full range of psychological services to children, adolescents, adults and families, including assessments, psychotherapy and consultation. We provide psychological support for persons and families facing disability, and assessment services for adoption purposes. MPC also provides training to professionals and informative talks to the general public. This Centre was set up as a need was identified to share and promote psychological principles amongst the Maltese community, by providing the opportunity for personal and professional development.
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Maia Psychology Centre (MPC) offers psychological services to children, adolescents, adults and families, including assessments, psychotherapy and consultation. Suitable treatment options and services will be discussed depending on the client’s specific difficulty and life circumstances.

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Computerized Therapy

Maia Psychology Centre has introduced to Malta Computerized Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Programmes for the treatment of:

The programmes are Beating the Blues, FearFighter, OCFighter and RESTORE.

Beating the Blues and FearFighter are recommended by the National Institute of Health & Clinical Excellence, UK while all the programmes are gold-standard treatments, having a robust evidence and research base to demonstrate their effectiveness.

Each client is initially assessed in a face-to-face session, to ascertain suitability for the programmes. After purchasing the programmes, clients are given a username and password and are then able to log into the programme and carry out the sessions at their own convenience. The programmes are cost-effective and based on a cognitive behavioural therapy model, teaching the client ways to monitor and control their symptoms.

As Maia Psychology Centre we wanted to make available different treatment options and thus Computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CCBT) is a treatment option just like medication, face to face therapy and others for patients with different difficulties.  CCBT has no drug side effects, it is convenient and confidential, it decreases the feeling of stigmatization and gives access to progress reports.

Clients carrying out any of the above Computerized Cognitive Behavioural Therapy programmes will have access to psychological support as they work through the sessions.  Maia Psychology Centre also offers face-to-face treatment during or after the online sessions are completed, if these are required.

Beating the Blues – Treatment for Depression & Anxiety

FearFighter – Treatment for Panic & Phobia

OCFighter – Treatment for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

RESTORE – Treatment for Insomnia

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Maia Psychology Centre aims at promoting psychological principles which can benefit everyday life. For this purpose we provide training to professionals with the opportunity to enhance and increase their professional knowledge to ensure that services offered to the community are of the highest standard.

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